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March 4


[No˙ 1.] ON BOARD THE CHARMING NANCY, March 4, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: Immediately on our coming on board here, we wrote you a letter by return of the boat; but as we did not hear from you, and the unfortunate scene that afterwards ensued, we apprehend the letter has not reached you. We therefore beg leave to mention the purport of it.

On our coming alongside, we were ordered on board, and examined by Captain Barkley and Major Grant, with regard to our errand. After informing them of this particular, we were confined to the cabin. The above gentlemen have both declared, on their mutual faith and honour, it was never their order or intention to commit any act of hostility against this Province, nor do they even now mean any, unless drawn on by any fresh provocation from you. They have both desired us to assure you, in the most solemn manner, that if any two gentlemen, such as the inhabitants most confide in, will come on board, they may inform themselves of the truth of what has been mentioned; and they pledge themselves, as above, to grant them permission to return when and where they please, unmolested. This, gentlemen, is the conversation that has passed, and beg leave to submit it to your consideration.

We further assure you, that we write without any constraint, or being any way dictated to; and the genteel treatment we have both received, encourage us to place the greatest confidence in their assertions. We shall just add, that your deliberations on this matter may be productive of the most important consequences. Mr˙ Rice is with us, and treated very well.

We are, gentlemen, with respect and esteem, yours, &c.


To the Commanding Officer at Savannah.