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Colonel Miles directed to march the Rifle Battalion to Philadelphia immediately


In consequence of the following Resolve of Congress, a Letter was written to Colonel Miles requesting he would give orders for the most speedy march of the Rifle Battalion to this City, and to Colonel Atlee, of the Musket Battalion, desiring his attendance on this Board:

"In Congress, July 3, 1776.

"The Congress took into consideration the Letter from the Convention of New-Jersey. Whereupon,

"Resolved, That the Committee of Safety of Pennsylvania be requested to send as many of the Troops of their Colony as they can spare to Monmouth County, in New-Jersey, to the assistance of the inhabitants of that Colony, and to be subject to the order of the Commander-in-Chlef, the said Troops to be allowed the same pay and rations as the Troops in the service of the Continent from the time of their march until they return.

"Extract from the Minutes.


"By order of Congress: JOHN HANCOCK, Pres' t."