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Rate to be Paid in Money Instead of a Ration


At a Board of War, September 14, 1776, agreed to report to Congress,

That if Rations be received by the Officers or Privates in the Continental Army, in money, they be paid at the rate of eight ninetieths parts of a dollar per ration:

That Mons˙ Jaque Paul Govert have the rank and pay of Captain-Lieutenant of Artillery in the Continental Army, and that his commission be given him accordingly:

That although this Congress cannot approve of the behaviour of Brigadier-General Arnold towards the Court-Martial of which Colonel Poor was the President, held at Tyconderoga in July last, and although the resolution of the Court-Martial in support of their dignity deserves applause, yet the conduct of General Gates, in putting an end to so dangerous ah altercation, which appears to have been too warm on both sides, at a critical time, by dissolving the Court-Martial, was prudent, and highly deserves the approbation of Congress: (Postponed.)

That the prudence, vigilance, and activity of General Gates since he had the command of the Northern Army, in general, and especially in composing differences, removing jealousies and animosities, and exterminating the small-pox from that army, deserves the thanks of Congress, and that the thanks of Congress be accordingly transmitted him by the President: (Postponed.)

That the Medical Committee send an assortment of proper Medicines to the Northern Army.