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Permission given to Joseph White, of Weathersfield, to ship twenty Cattle

Upon the Memorial of Joseph White, of Weathersfield, in Hartford County, shewing that before any embargo was laid by this Assembly, he had procured twenty Cattle and necessary provisions for them, and eighty barrels of Pork, to be laden on board a vessel he owns, called the Schooner Fox, commanded by James Mitchell, and destined on a voyage to the West-Indies, and that said Cattle remain on his hands at great expense and loss, &c˙, praying for liberty to export said Cattle in said vessel, &c˙, as per Memorial on file, dated May 3, 1775;

Resolved by this Assembly, That the Memorialist, upon his taking out said eighty barrels of Pork, except so much as is necessary for sea-stores, have liberty, and liberty is given to him, to export said twenty Cattle in said vessel to the West-Indies, any thing in said Act laying an embargo notwithstanding.