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Benedict Arnold to Captain Noah Lee



Crown Point, May 23, 1775.

SIR: I am this minute advised by one of Colonel Allen' s party, who was taken prisoner and made his escape from St˙ John' s on the 18th instant, that there were then arrived at that place four hundred Regulars, and more expected, besides the Indians, who were repairing the boats, with a design to cross the lake, and, if possible, to retake Crown Point and Ticonderoga. It is my hearty desire that every man within fifty miles of Skenesborough, who can be of service, would immediately repair to Ticonderoga or Crown Point, and bring all the powder that can be found, and as many spades, pick-axes, and hoes, as they have. Let this letter be forwarded down the country, that they may send up provisions to supply the families of the upper Towns, who are obliged to come forward this way. Let them bring all the good arms they have.

BENEDICT ARNOLD, Commander-in- Chief.

Captain Noah Lee.

P˙ S˙ We have only one hundred and fifty men here and at Ticonderoga.