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New-Hampshire Committee of Safety


June 18, 1775. — Upon receiving the news of the engagement at Charlestown, directed Colonel Poor to order all the companies in his Regiment, except Captain Elkins' s, to march immediately to Cambridge.

Received a Letter from the Continental Congress, dated June 10, 1775, enclosing sundry of their Resolves. — Filed.

Wrote to Samuel Oatts, Esquire, desiring him to procure ten reams of the best Paper he could get, and send it here to-morrow; also, to engage all the Saltpetre and Brimstone in Portsmouth, and to send the Saltpetre here as soon as may be; to employ as many hands as can be employed on the tents, and to add eighty to the number already ordered.

Ordered the Selectmen or Committee of Stratham to supply their men with Fire-Arms.

Ordered the Selectmen of Kingston to deliver Samuel Philbrick six barrels of Powder, to be by him conveyed to the Army.