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Letter from Captain Steinrod



SIRS: I have called on you to know whether there was a call for company of Horse or not; and I never have had an answer; and if you please it is easy to give an answer, yes or no; for since the Committee had some talk of it, I could get a company by this time, and can have them ready soon for service.


GENTLEMEN — SIRS: If there is a call for the oath to be handed out, and it is expedient for all to swear, it is time that some did set about it; for the thing is still, and numbers have not, nor wont swear; and if all are to do it, and you think proper for it to be speedily brought to hand, I will call them to swear, or put them under guard. This from


I should be glad if, when you see what I want, you will write a word whether you will, or will not.

GENTLEMEN — SIRS: I wish you would do one favour for me, and give me a line, so that my fuller that tends my fulling-mill will stay at home, for the whole County is wanting cloth-dress, and I cannot get anybody to tend the mill; and if you will give me a note for him to stay, (as long as I can' t be at home to take care myself,) I should take it as a favour; for I have three mills, and if my millers must be drafted, and I from home, and my mill stand still, it will hurt the publick as well as myself. I am willing to do as much as any man to help the cause so ruined.

Yours to serve,