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Reception of General Schuyler at Albany



Albany, Sunday, July 9, 1775.

About one o' clock, P˙ M˙, Major-General Schuyler arrived here from New-York. He was received, upon his landing, by the members of the General Committee for the City and County, and by the City Troops of Horse, under the command Captain Ten Broeck, and the Association Company, commanded by Captain Bleeker, and by the principal inhabitants of the City. After paying the General the honours due to his rank, they escorted him and the gentlemen of the Committee to the City-Hall, where the Committee presented an Address, and received a polite answer from the General. They afterwards proceeded to the King' s-Arms Tavern, where an elegant entertainment was provided.

"The Address, of the Committee of Safety, Correspondence, and Protection, of the City and County of ALBANY, to PHILIP SCHUYLER, esq˙, Major-General and Commander of the Forces in the Colony of NEW-YORK:

"Permit us, Sir, to express our fullest approbation upon the appointment by which your Country has raised you to the chief military command in this Colony. While we deplore, as the greatest misfortune, the necessity of such an appointment, we have the utmost confidence that you have accepted of power for the glorious purpose of exercising it for the re-establishment of the liberties of America, at present unnaturally invaded by a deluded and despotick Ministry.

"Born and educated amongst us, in a Country which freedom has raised to a state of opulence and envy, you, whose principles are known, whose sentiments have been invariably opposed to power, afford us the pleasing prospect of the unremitted exertion of your knowledge, prudence, and experience, for the restoration of harmony and peace upon constitutional principles. When the sword shall be rendered useless, except against our natural enemies; when we shall see you restored to the peaceful state of a private citizen; when this happy period shall arrive, then, and not till then, will Americans enjoy the glorious blessings of freedom.

"By order of the Committee.

"SAMUEL STRINGER, Chairman pro tempore."