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On the Petition from Machias,

Resolved, That there be raised at Machias a Company of fifty Men, Officers included, on the same pay and for


the same time as the Forces that are already raised for the defence of the Sea-Coasts, and that there be allowed by this Colony six Shillings a week per man, billeting, during their service; and the Colony to supply said Captain Jeremiah Obrian, for the use of said Company, with fifty weight of Powder, and Ball equivalent, he to be accountable to the Court for the same; and said Company, when raised, to be under the direction of their Captain as to their station. Also, Resolved, That said Jeremiah Obrian be paid out of the Treasury of this Colony the sum of one hundred Pounds, towards his account, exhibited with this Petition, he giving security for the same, with one surety, (to this Colony Treasurer,) until he brings proper vouchers to support said account.

In Council, August 16, 1775: Read and concurred.