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Richmond County (New-York) Committee to Provincial



Richmond County, February 26, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: In consequence of your letter, dated February 21st, three of our Committee went to Elizabethtown, and applied to the Chairman of the Committee, for the inhabitants of our County then in their prison to be returned. Said Chairman, knowing not by what authority Colonel Heard and Colonel Thomas had taken them in custody, referred the matter to said Colonels. Accordingly, one of our Committee went to Woodbridge, waited on the Colonels, who then promised the prisoners should be delivered up with the charge alleged against them. On returning to Elizabethtown, Colonel Thomas informed our Committee-men, that he could not then furnish them with the charges, but would send the prisoners on Saturday morning, under a guard, to be delivered at Richmondtown, with the charges, to our Committee. Accordingly, our Committee attended at the time and place, in order to receive them, but none appeared. The Committee then adjourned till this day; when, being assembled, Mr˙ Isaac Decker appeared, informed the Committee that on Saturday last, at sun-set, the Sheriff of Elizabethtown opened the prison door, desired said Isaac Decker and Minno Burger to wait on Colonel Thomas, which they accordingly did. Said Colonel then told them, that on promising they would appear this day before the Committee in the County of Richmond, he would discharge them. Accordingly Isaac Decker has appeared; Minno Burger, unwell, could not appear. Our Committee is at a loss how to act; the above Colonel has not sent any charge against them. We shall, therefore, wait your direction. Richard Connor, Esq˙, on giving his obligation to Colonel Thomas to appear when called upon, was admitted to return home before your letter came to hand; said obligation has not been returned to us, nor any charge against him. Abraham Starrow, we are informed, is detained in prison on account of a debt.

We are, gentlemen, your most obedient and most humble servants. By order of the Committee:


P˙ S˙ The foregoing have, by reason of bad weather, been detained; have this day received from Col˙ Thomas the accusation against the prisoners; we shall proceed to trial as soon as possible. C˙ J.

February 28.