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Council meets at Newbern



Journal of the Proceedings of the Provincial Council of NORTH-CAROLINA, held at NEWBERN on the 28th day of FEBRUARY, Anno Domini 1776.


Pursuant to a Resolve of the last Provincial Council, held at the Court-House, in the County of Johnston, the said Council was to have been held the 17th day of March next, at the place aforesaid; but Mr˙ President finding it necessary, required a meeting sooner than that period, and summoned the Members thereof to meet at the Town of Newbern, on the 27th day of this instant February, 1776. And a sufficient number of Members not appearing until the 28th following, when, Mr˙ President, Abner Nash, James Coor, Willle Jones, Wightstill Avery, John, Kinchen, and Thomas Person, Esqs˙, appeared, and took their seats in Council.

The Council adjourned until to-morrow morning, nine o' clock.