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Memorial of David Hawley


Upon the Memorial of David Hawley, of Stratford, showing to this Assembly that on the 4th day of September last past, he sailed on a voyage to the West-Indies, with a small cargo on board, in order to purchase a cargo of Gunpowder, if it was possible to obtain it; if not, then to invest


the nett proceeds of his cargo in Salt and Sugar; all pursuant to and in consequence of the advice of the Committee of Inspection in the Towns of Fairfield and Stratford, and that on Tuesday last he returned from said voyage, and that he had been to several of the West-India Islands, and that all that it was in his power to purchase was only one hundred weight of Gunpowder, and that with the rest of his cargo he purchased thirteen hundred and five bushels of Salt, and eighteen hogsheads of Sugar, and made a contract to be supplied with a cargo of Gunpowder, if he should be permitted to go a second voyage after it, and then return; and that, on his return, he found that his Honour, the Governour' s proclamation, for continuing the first embargo, which expired a few days before he sailed to the West-Indies, arrived at Fairfield the day after he sailed, but that he heard nothing of it until his return, although he finds now that it had been issued several days before it arrived at Fairfield, and that although he had it not in his heart to disobey the laws of his country, he fears he is liable to a prosecution on the matter aforesaid, and therefore prays that he may be exempted from any prosecution or punishment on account of said voyage, and that he may be directed in the disposal of said Powder as per Memorial on file appears:

Resolved by this Assembly, That the Memorialist be, and he is hereby, exempted and freed from any prosecution or punishment for or on account of said voyage, and that the Memorialist shall and do dispose of said Powder equally between the Towns of Fairfield and Stratford.