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Resolve to Prevent the Going at Large of Persons


Whereas this Assembly are apprehensive that there are some persons in this Colony whose going at large may endanger the safety of the same, or the liberties of America; and whereas the Continental Congress have recommended that such persons be arrested and secured:

Be it therefore enacted by the Governour, Council, and Representatives, in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, That when complaint shall be made by the Committee of Inspection in any Town in this Colony, to any Assistant or Justice of the Peace in this Colony, against any person living within their Town, or in any other Town where no Committee of Inspection is appointed, that such person is an enemy to this Colony, and that his going at large endangers the safety of this Colony, or the liberties of America, it shall be the duty of such Assistant or Justice of the Peace, and they are hereby directed and empowered to issue a warrant to the Sheriff or Constable, ordering such person so complained of to be brought before such Assistant or Justice of the Peace, to be examined touching such complaint; and in case it shall appear, to the satisfaction of such Assistant or Justice of the Peace, that the person so complained of is guilty of the matter alleged against him, it shall be in the power of such Assistant or Justice, and they are directed to order such person to give bond, with sufficient surety, to the Treasurer of this Colony, for his appearance before the then next General Assembly to be held in this Colony, to answer said complaint, and abide the judgment and order of said Assembly thereon, and for his good behaviour, unto said Assembly; and in case such person shall neglect or refuse to give such bond, the said Assistant or Justice shall order such person to be committed to the common Jail in the County where such Assistant or Justice dwells, there to be held until released by the General Assembly, and the said Assistant or Justice is ordered to transmit to such Assembly a copy of such complaint, and his proceedings thereon; and in case any person so complained of shall be acquitted by the Assistant or Justice of the Peace to whom such complaint is made, such person so complained of shall be discharged without cost, and in such case the cost of suit shall be laid before the County Court in such County where such proceedings are had, for their allowance, and said County Courts respectively are empowered to draw an order or orders on the Treasurer of this Colony for such as they shall allow.

In the Lower House, the consideration of this Bill is referred to the next session of this Assembly.

Test RICHARD LAW, Clerk.

Concurred in in the Upper House.

Test: GEORGE WYLLYS, Sec' y.