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Commissioners meet at Albany

Letter to the Committee of Albany


At a meeting of the Commissioners for transacting Indian affairs in the Northern Department, held at Albany on Wednesday, August 23, 1775, present: Gen˙ Schuyler, Colonel Francis, Mr˙ Douw.

Resolved, unanimously, That the Indians of the Six Nations be invited to receive our congratulations on their safe arrival here. That it be at five o' clock this afternoon. That the Committee of the City of Albany, and the principal gentlemen of the place, be requested to accompany the Commissioners, and that the following Letter be wrote for that purpose to the Chairman of the Committee:

Albany, August 23, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: Your generous exertions to support the American cause against the nefarious schemes of a wicked and profligate Ministry; the propriety with which you have conducted those Indian affairs that have become the subject of your consideration; a consciousness that without your aid, and that of gentlemen of the Town conversant in these matters, the important business of the ensuing conference cannot be so properly conducted as our zeal, for the service makes us wish, are so many motives which point out to us the necessity of calling on you, and on those gentlemen, for your aid and advice, which we entreat you will give us without reserve; and be assured that it will be attended to with all that deference that is due to your respectable body and to their good judgment. We propose to pay a visit this afternoon, at five o' clock, to the Indians. We beg the favour of the Committee to honour us with


their company, as so respectable a body will greatly add to the complimentary visit we mean to pay them. We shall go from Cartwrights, and shall take it as a favour if the gentlemen of the Town, who are not of the Committee, would be pleased to go with us.

We are, Gentlemen, with great respect, your most humble servants,


The Albany Committee' s Answer

To which the Committee returned the following Answer:

"GENTLEMEN: Your polite invitation for us to join in paying a complimentary visit to the Indians this afternoon, at five o' clock, we accept of, and shall for that purpose attend at Cartwright' s, at the hour appointed.

"We are, Gentlemen, your most humble servants. By order of the Committee:

"ABRAHAM YATES, JUN˙, Chairman."

Address of the Sachems and Warriours of the Six Nations

The Sachems and Warriours of the Six Nations being assembled, the Commissioners, attended by the Committee and principal gentlemen of the City of Albany, met them, and addressed them as follows:

"Brethren of the SIX NATIONS: We, the Deputies appointed by the Twelve United Colonies, the descendants of Queder, and the gentlemen of the City of Albany, congratulate you on your arrival here. They are glad to see you well, and thank the great God that he suffers us to meet in love and friendship. We now invite you to take a drink, and smoke a pipe with us; and we propose, if you are ready, to proceed to business the day after to-morrow." — (A string.)

To which Kanaghquaesa replied:

"That they were glad to see us; that they thanked God that we met in love and friendship; and that they would cheerfully take a drink, and smoke a pipe with us, and would be ready to proceed to business on the day which we were pleased to appoint for that purpose."