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Committee appointed to draw up Rules for the Convention


The gentlemen appointed to draw up Rules and Regulations for the government of this Convention in their proceedings, withdrew; and, after some time brought in an essay for that purpose; which, being read, was agreed to, and is as followeth, viz:

First. That the Members, when speaking, address themselves to the Chair.

Second. That no Member interrupt a Member when speaking.

Third. That no Member use indecent or reflecting language, or wilfully pervert the sense of what another Member has said.

Fourth. That the Members are not to use each other' s names, but in their answers, to take notice of their time of speaking, or their situation as to the right or left of the Chair, &c.

Fifth. That no Member cross between the Chair and a speaking Member.

Sixth. That the President have a right to call to order, where a Member may wander from the matter in debate.

Seventh. That no Member speak above twice on the same subject, without obtaining leave from the Convention.

Eighth. That where any debate proves very tedious, and any four Members rise and call for the question, the President shall put the same.

Ninth. That where the President shall enjoin secrecy, it is expected that every Member is bound by his honour to observe the same.

Tenth. That where the House is equally divided, the President shall have the casting vote.