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Lott Strange and John Strange


Resolved, That either of the Publick Treasurers draw on the Continental Treasury for two hundred and twenty-five Dollars, in favour of Samuel Johnston, Thomas Jones, and Thomas Person, Esqs˙, for their expenses to Virginia on the publick service, and be allowed in their accounts with the publick.

It appearing to this Council, that Lott Strange, master, and John Strange, owner, of the Sloop Kingfisher, have been guilty of importing certain British European Goods, contrary to the Continental Association,

Resolved, That the said Lott Strange and John Strange enter into Bond in the sum of five hundred Pounds, to the Committee of Perquimans County, for their future good behaviour, and that they depart the Port with their said Vessel in ballast, within one month from this day; and when the said Lott Strange and John Strange shall have given such Bond, then the said Committee is hereby directed to deliver up the said Sloop Kingfisher, with her tackle, apparel, and furniture, and other property belonging to the said Lott and John Strange.

Resolved, That Colonel Richard Caswell send, under a sufficient guard, Brigadier-General Donald McDonald, taken at the battle of Moore' s Creek Bridge, to the Town of Halifax, and there to have him committed a close prisoner in the Jail of the said Town, until further orders.

Farquard Campbell was brought before this Council by Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Rhodes, under a warrant from Colonel Moore; and no sufficient proof appearing against the said Farquard Campbell,

Resolved, That he be allowed to depart at this time, and appear at the Provincial Congress the 2d day of April next.

The said Farquard Campbell then personally promised and undertook to appear at the time and place aforesaid, to answer such matters and things as he should be then and there charged with.

Resolved, That Captain Robert Rowan be empowered to summon and enforce the attendance of such persons at the next Provincial Congress, to be held at Halifax, on the 2d day of April next, as he shall think to be material witnesses against Farquard Campbell, of Cumberland County, respecting a charge against the said Farquard Campbell, of some conduct inimical to the cause of America and this Province, in the late insurrection of the Highlanders and Regulators.


By order:

JAMES GREEN, Jun˙, Clerk.