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Committee Appointed to Prepare and Present an Address to the Governour


Wednesday, June 7, 15 Geo˙ III, 1775.

The Order of the Day being read, for taking into consideration the Governour' s written Message, relative to the Gunpowder which has been removed from the publick Magazine by his Excellency' s order,

The said Message was again read,

Resolved, That an Address be presented to his Excellency the Governour, to express to his Lordship our thanks for his kind tender of services in behalf of this Colony, and for restoring publick tranquillity oil a sure and firm foundation; to assure his Lordship that we have the highest sense of his services on the late Indian expedition, and sincerely lament that any event should suspend the happiness which his Lordship hath enjoyed among us; that, wishing a restoration of peace and harmony, we had directed an inquiry into the causes of the late great uneasiness given to the people, which we shall proceed on with that attention recommended by his Lordship, and apply, on our parts, remedies the best our abilities can suggest.

Ordered, That a Committee be appointed to draw up an Address, to be presented to the Governour upon the said Resolution.

And a Committee was appointed, of Mr˙ Mercer, Mr˙ Treasurer, Mr˙ Cary, Mr˙ Dandridge, Mr˙ Henry Lee,and Mr˙ Munford.

Ordered, That the Governour' s Message be referred to the said Committee.