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Meeting of Inhabitants of Acquackanonk, Essex County, New-Jersey



At a meeting of the Freeholders and Inhabitants of the Township of Acquackanonk, in said County, held at Mr˙ James Leslie' s, near Acquackanonk Bridge, on Wednesday, the 3d day of May, Anno Domini 1775, an Association was then and there entered into and subscribed by the Freeholders and Inhabitants of said Township, being verbatim the same as that entered into by the Freeholders and Inhabitants at Newark, in said County, The following gentlemen, in number twenty-three, were then chosen or elected a General Committee, agreeable to said Association.

MICHAEL VREELAND, Esq˙, in the Chair.

Henry Garretse, Peter Peterse, John Berry, Robert Drummond, Esquires, Captain Francis Post, Thomas Post, Daniel Niel, Richard Ludlow, Captain Abraham Godwin, John Spier, Jacob Van Riper, Lucas Wessels, Francis Van Winkle, Cornelius Van Winkle, Henry Post, Junior, Doctor Walter Degraw, John Peer, Jacob Garretse, Jacob Vreeland, Abraham Van Riper, Stephen Ryder, Doctor Nicholas Roche, Committee Clerk.

Of the same number were chosen the following Delegates to attend the Provincial Convention to be held at Trenton the 23d instant, agreeable to the aforesaid Association, to represent said Township: Henry Garretse, Robert Drummond, Michael Vreeland, and John Berry, Esquires.


Peter Peterse, Esquire, Daniel Niel, Richard Ludlow, Thomas Post, and Doctor Nicholas Roche, are appointed a Committee of Correspondence for said Township.

Daniel Niel, Deputy Chairman to the General Committee, and Richard Ludlow, Deputy Clerk.