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Colonel Arnold to John Manir



Dead River, about 160 miles from Quebeck, October 13, 1775.

DEAR SIR: I am now on my march for Quebeck, with about two thousand men, where I expect to have the pleasure of seeing you soon. This detachment is designed to co-operate with General Schuyler, to frustrate the unjust and arbitrary measures of the Ministry, and restore liberty to our brethren of Canada, to whom, we make no doubt, our exertions in their favour will be acceptable; and that we shall have their assistance, or at least their friendly wishes, as the expedition is undertaken at the request of many of their principal inhabitants. I beg the favour of you, on, receipt of this, which will be delivered you by one Eneas, a faithful Indian, that you would immediately write me by him of the disposition of the Canadians, the number of troops in Quebeck, by whom commanded, and every advice you have received from General Schuyler, and the situation of matters in general; what ships are at Quebeck, and, in short, what we have to expect from the Canadians and merchants in the City; whether any advice has been received of the march of this detachment. If any gentleman of my acquaintance will undertake to meet me on the road, he will be received with pleasure, and handsomely rewarded. The enclosed letter to General Schuyler, I beg the favour of you to forward by express, which charge shall be reimbursed you with thankfulness.

I am, with much esteem, dear Sir, your friend and very humble servant,


John Manir, Esq˙, or, in his absence, to Captain William Gregory, or Mr˙ John Maynard.