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Declaration of Adam McCulloch



Arundel, July 10, 1775.

Whereas I, the subscriber, have, by some inadvertences, been so unhappy as to fall under the displeasure of the good people of this place; and many things have been laid to my charge of an inimical nature to the just rights and liberties of the good people of this Country, some of which I am not guilty of. I do now publickly declare, that so far as I have been guilty, either in words or actions, of offending the same, in matters of a civil nature, more especially


in regard to the unhappy contest now prevailing between Great Britain and these Colonies, that I am heartily sorry, and do now humbly ask the forgiveness of all the friends of America for the same; and do promise that I will not offend in like manner again, but will do all that lays in power for the defence of the rights and privileges of this Country; and shall ever esteem it my greatest happiness of a temporal nature to enjoy the favour and friendship of the people with whom I now dwell; and will for the future pay due obedience to the lawful authority and advices of this Province, and determine to stand or fall with the fate of the same; heartily wishing that every resolution and determination for the good of the publick may have its desired effect.