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Three hundred Militia, of Ulster County, to be immediately sent to Peekskill


John McDonald, the Miner, having refused to receive the sum of six Pounds, ordered on the 21st of August last to be paid to him for the use of Donald Morrison,

Ordered, That the Treasurer of this State pay the said six Pounds to the said Donald Morrison, on his executing a bond, to be prepared by the Secretary, to Peter R˙ Livingston, Esq˙, the President, conditioned for the payment thereof.

Resolved, That the Commanding Officer of the Militia of Ulster County do immediately send down three hundred men of the Militia of the County of Ulster, to Peekskill, well armed and accoutred, with three days' provisions.

Resolved, That the Commanding Officer in the south side of the Mountains or Highlands, in the County of Orange,


be directed to order such a number of the Militia from that part of the said County which lays on the south side of the Highlands as will be sufficient to guard their shores, and to appoint a Commissioner to supply them with provisions; and that the Commanding Officer on the north side of the Highlands, in the said County, order one hundred of the Militia from the north side of the Highlands of the said County, to march without delay to Peekskill, taking with them three days' provisions.

Resolved, That Benjamin Haight and Matthew Harper be Commissioners to supply them with Provisions, and that this Convention will provide means for defraying the expense.

Resolved, That all the Rangers raised in the County of Ulster repair immediately to Fishkill, and be subject to the direction of the Committee for inquiring into, detecting, and depressing all conspiracies formed in this State against the liberty of America.