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Appointing persons to receive and pay for Saltpetre


Commissary-General and others appointed to receive and pay for Saltpetre; passed JUNE 15, 1776.

Resolved, That the Commissary-General, at his Store, and Zebediah Abbot, at the Powder-Mill at Andover, and Thomas Crane, Esq˙, at the Powder-Mill at Stoughton, be, and they hereby are, appointed and empowered, in behalf of this Colony, to receive, examine, and pay for all good and merchantable Saltpetre that shall be brought and actually delivered to them, respectively, before the 1st day of October next, with such evidence as is required by a Resolve of the General Court, of the 6th instant, that the same was manufactured within this Colony. And that there be paid to each of the above mentioned persons, out of the Treasury of this Colony, the sum of £1000, and the Treasurer is directed to pay the same accordingly, to enable them to pay for the same; they to be respectively accountable to this Court for the same.