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General Orders, December 11


Head-Quarters, December 11, 1775.

(Parole, Otis.) (Countersign,Warren.)

The Majors of Brigade to be more exact in obliging the Adjutants to deliver to them every Saturday, at orderly time, an exact return, signed by the commanding officers


of the new established regiments, of the number of men weekly inlisted in each of those regiments. The Majors of Brigade will, for the future, be answerable for any neglect in executing this order.

To reward and encourage military merit, the Congress thought proper to increase the pay of the captains and subalterns of the Continental army; and, as uniformity and decency in dress are essentially necessary in the appearance and regularity of an army, his Excellency recommends it earnestly to the officers to put themselves in a proper uniform. The field officers of each of the new corps will set the example, by clothing themselves in a regimental of their respective corps; and it is not doubted but the captains and subalterns will immediately follow the example.

The General by no mean recommends or desires officers to run into costly or expensive regimentals; no matter how plain, or coarse, so they are but uniform in their colour, cut, and fashion.

The officers belonging to those regiments whose uniforms are not yet fixed upon, had better delay making their regimentals until they are.