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The Troops raised in Suffolk County directed to proceed, with all possible despatch, to Ticonderoga


Mr˙ Bedford Williams, of Philadelphia, having sent into Congress several Credentials, certifying his having attended Lectures in Physick and Surgery,

Ordered, That Mr˙ Bedford Williams be appointed Surgeon' s Mate to the Second Regiment of the Troops now raised in this Colony, if a Surgeon' s Mate is not already appointed to that Regiment, subject to the general order of this House for the examination of all Surgeons and their Mates, by Dr˙ John Jones and Dr˙ Bard.

Ordered, That the several Companies of the Troops of this Colony raised in Suffolk County proceed to Ticonderoga, with all possible despatch, to join the Continental Army under the command of Major-General Schuyler.

Queen' s County dissents.