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Letter from Malcolm Morrison to New-York Congress


Wanting to complete the Regiment, according to the above Return:

269 Firelocks (70 received since,) 334 Bayonets (100 received since,) 351 Cross Belts, 345 Cartouch Boxes, 685 Tomahawks, 72 Axes, 578 Knapsacks, 683 Canteens, 67 Camp Kettles, 218 Hats, 183 Frocks, 222 pairs of Stockings (148 received since,) 25 pairs of Shoes, 139 Beds, 228 Bolsters, 266 Blankets.

To complete Barracks for 688 Men.

13 Tables, 18 Benches, 151 Bedsteads, 68 Dishes, 589 Trenchers, 395 Spoons. 5 Pots, 19 Candlesticks, 8 Pails, 31 pairs of Shovels and Tongs, 22 pairs of Andirons.

STIRLING, Colonel.

New-York, February 22, 1776.


New-York, March 8, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: Whereas the gentlemen of the Provincial Congress have been pleased to appoint me first Major in Colonel Swartwout' s Regiment, and as my situation and business is such that it is not in my power to serve without doing injustice to myself and creditors, having a considerable interest in my hands to settle, and having a large family to take care of, without any person to assist me in settling my affairs; and whereas Major Henry Ludinton, appointed in the militia, is prevailed upon to accept of the commission sent to me; if agreeable to you, I do resign the same in his favour. He can be recommended by Colonel Swartwout, or the Committee of Dutchess County; and I hope that you will be pleased to appoint him in my stead, he being a person that has served in the last war, and well acquainted in the military service; and, gentlemen, your compliance will greatly oblige your very humble servant,


To the Delegates of Dutchess County in _Provincial Congress.

N˙ B˙ Mr˙ Ludinton waits for an answer Gentlemen, enclosed you have the commission.