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Letter received from the Committee of Worcester County


The Board received a Letter from Robert Done, Henry Johnson, and Peter Chaille, of Worcester County, by the hands of Mr˙ Robert Dennis, hereunto annexed, and an Affidavit of Mary Robins enclosed therein, and hereunto also annexed.

Upon considering the same, and examining Mr˙ Dennis, to whom the said Letter refers, as to the state and condition of the said County,

Ordered, That one barrel of Powder and three hundred weight of Lead, out of the publick Magazine in Chestertown, be, as soon as possible, forwarded to the Committee of Observation for Worcester County, under the direction of Thomas Smyth, Esq˙, a Member of this Board, and that the following Letter to the said Committee be forwarded by the said Mr˙ Dennis.

By the Eastern Shore branch of the Council of Safety of Maryland, Chestertown, November 18, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: This Board has received, by the hands of Mr˙ Dennis, a letter from Messrs˙ Done, Johnson, and Chaille, and an affidavit enclosed therein, of which you have herewith copies, and have examined Mr˙ Dennis, to whom they referred us for further information. In consequence of which, this Board has ordered one barrel of powder and three hundred weight of lead to be forwarded as soon as possible, and lodged with Captain James Campbell, at Vienna, for the use of your County; and it is supposed it will be there by Wednesday night next, where it is expected you, or some persons by your direction and appointment, will receive it.

This is all the Board think it can be justified in doing at present; but there will be a meeting of this Board at Talbot County Court-House, on Thursday, the 30th of this instant, where, if you think it necessary, there may be a further representation of the state of your County made to it. Should there be no immediate use of this ammunition, it is expected you will be particularly careful to preserve it.