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The Vote of the Town of Newport authorizing the supply of Provisions to Captain Wallace


Colony of Rhode-lsland, &c˙, in General Assembly, January 17, 1776.

It is Voted and Resolved, That the Town Council of the town of Newport be allowed to supply Captain Wallace, so long as he shall remain peaceably within the Colony, without committing any depredations upon the Islands, or upon any of the lands in the Colony, weekly with two thousand pounds weight of Beef, and with Beer as usual, under the direction of the commanding-officer of tlie troops stationed on Rhode-Island; that he appoint the person to provide and deliver the said Provisions; and that no Member of either House of Assembly be appointed to deliver the same, or to go on board of either of the ships-of-war under said Wallaces command, on any occasion whatever.

And this Assembly considering the situation and defenceless state of the town of Newport, do advise, and strongly recommend it to the inhabitants of said town, forthwith to remove to some place of safety, all their aged people, women, children, and those who arc unable to assist in defence of the place, together with their valuable effects.

And do further, Vote and Resolve, That the sum of two hundred Pounds, lawful money, be paid out of the General Treasury, to the Committee hereinafter appointed, which shall be improved in removing such poor persons in said town, as are incapable of removing themselves, and for no other use whatever. That Messrs˙ John Collins, John Cooke, Thomas Freebody, George Irish, and Daniel Holloway, or the major part of them be, and they are, hereby, appointed a Committee for that purpose. That the said Committee be empowered to settle the price of the transportation of the effects of the inhabitants of the said town to the places where they shall be shipped; and, also, the price of transportation over the ferries; and that each of the said Committee be empowered to impress teams, horses, and cattle, to remove such effects at the prices which shall be so affixed.

A true copy: HENRY WARD, Secretary.