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April 17


At an especial meeting of the Committee on Wednesday evening, April 17, 1776:

Present: Samuel Purviance, Jun˙, Chairman, William Buchanan, Benjamin Nicholson, Thomas Harrison, Jeremiah T, Chase, James Calhoun, J˙ Sterrett, John Boyd, George Lux, Secretary.

The gentlemen of the Committee appointed to go to Annapolis, returned, and reported that they had delivered the packet to the Council of Safety, and also, as was directed, laid before them the Letters from Virginia, and that the Council of Safety had given them the following copy of their Proceedings:

"In Council of Safety, Annapolis, April 17, 1776.

"The Governour has given the Council satisfaction from under his hand, that he will not leave the Province till the meeting of the Convention; and that he will use his endeavours to promote the peace thereof, while he stays.

"A copy: "G˙ DUVALL, Clerk."