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Committee to Observe the Motion of the Troops


Friday, February 10, 1775, A˙ M.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Devens, Mr˙ Watson, Colonel Gardner, Colonel Howe, and Captain Batcheldor, be a Committee to observe the motion of the Troops said to be on their road to this Town.

An application from Thomas Legate, Esquire, was read.


Ordered, That it be committed.

Accordingly ordered that Mr˙ Pickering, Colonel Cushing, and Colonel Farley, be a Committee to take the same into consideration.

Ordered, That Colonel Palmer, Colonel Cushing, and Mr˙ Cushing, of Scituate, be a Committee to set in the recess of this Congress, to prepare all such Rules and Regulations for the Officers and Men of the Constitutional Army, which may be raised in this Province, as shall be necessary for the good order thereof.

The Committee appointed by the late Provincial Congress to estimate the loss and damage which hath accrued to the Province by the operation of the Boston Port Bill, and the Act for altering the Civil Government of this Province, reported; the Report ordered to be filed.