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Proceedings of the Committee for the County of Balitmore


On motion, Ordered, That the Committee-Men in the respective Hundreds of the County, be prepared to give in an Account to the General Committee at Baltimore, against the first Monday in June, of the state of the Militia in their different Districts, the number of Men embodied, and the number of Arms fit for service; also, the amount of the different Subscriptions raised by them for the relief of the Poor of Boston, and for the purchase of Arms and Ammunition.

The necessity of this measure arises from the recommendation of the late Convention, who have directed that these Accounts be prepared and laid before them at their next meeting.

The late Convention having resolved that six hundred Pounds be raised for the defraying expenses of our Delegales to the General Congress, and as the proportion of that sum for Baltimore County is fifty-six Pounds,

Resolved, That each Hundred in the County collect their quotas of said sum, agreeable to the proportion fixed upon for the collection of Money for Arms and Ammunition; adding thereto nineteen Pounds, of a balance advanced formerly by Mr˙ William Lux to the Delegates of the late Congress, for which he is not yet paid; and that those who have not contributed in the last Subscription for the Delegates, be first applied to now, and the Money raised to be paid into the hands of Mr˙ William Lux, who is appointed to receive it, and pay the same to the Delegates.

On motion made, that a General Treasurer should be appointed in Baltimore Town, to receive and forward the Donations of this County for the Poor of Boston,

Voted, That Mr˙ Samuel Purviance be appointed to that office.

Mr˙ Benjamin Wells lodged a complaint against Mr˙ James Christie, that he had raised the price of his Goods above the limitation of the Provincial Convention.

Mr˙ Christie was sent for to answer this charge, but being not at home, the matter was referred to another meeting of the Committee.