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Committee to Take into Consideration the Disputes


Tuesday, October 17, 1775.

Agreeable to the Order of the Day, the Congress took under consideration the motion made on Saturday last, by the Delegates of Connecticut.

Resolved, That a Committee of five members be appointed, to take into consideration the disputes between the people of Connecticut and Pennsylvania, and report what, in their opinion, is proper to be done by Congress.

The members chosen for the above Committee are Mr˙ J˙ Rutledge, Mr˙ Chase, Mr˙ Jefferson, Mr˙ Kinsey, and Mr˙ Hopkins.

The Committee appointed to prepare an Estimate, &c˙, brought in their Report, which, being read, was, after some debate, recommitted.

The Committee of Claims reported, that two Accounts exhibited by Ephraim Martin, for Provisions furnished to several Rifle Companies, on their march to Cambridge, by himself and Joseph Wallins, amounting to 59˙3 Dollars, are reasonable, and ought to be paid.

Ordered, That the above be paid.

A Letter from Governour Cooke, dated 9th October, was read.

The Congress proceeded to the election of a Director-General and Chief Physician of the Hospital, in the room of Dr˙ Church; and the ballots being taken and examined, Dr˙ John Morgan, of Philadelphia, was elected.

On motion made, Ordered, That the President write to the Convention of New-York, and inform them that it is the desire of the Congress that the Sulphur in that City be immediately removed to a place of safety.

The Order of the Day being renewed, and the several matters referred to this day being put off,

Adjourned to nine o' clock, to-morrow.