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Captain James Craig Appointed to Effect the Exchange of Prisoners


By order of the Board the following Resolves of Congress were entered on the Minutes:

"In Congress, May 10, 1776.

"Resolved, That Lieutenant Ball, of the Roebuck, and the three seamen that were taken with him, and are now prisoners in the Lower Counties, be exchanged for Captain Budden and his son, Seth Davis, and Samuel Conyers.


"That five of the seamen now Prisoners in this City of Philadelphia, to be named by the Committee of Safety, may be given up in exchange for the following persons, viz:

Mr˙ Lightboy, James Hage, ——— Fortescue, a Pilot-boy, William Martin, and Jacob Wilson.

"That the said exchange of Prisoners be conducted by such proper persons as the Committee of Safety of Pennsylvania may appoint for that purpose.

"Extract from the Minutes:


In consequence of the above Resolutions of Congress,

Resolved, That Captain James Craig be, and he is hereby, appointed to conduct the exchange of Prisoners there proposed; and this Committee name James Spencer, Thomas Philips, James Ogelvie, John Shad, and Given Humphreys, as the five persons to be exchanged for Mr˙ Lighty, James Hage, ——— Fortescue, a Pilot-hoy, William Martin, and Jacob Wilson.

At the same time Captain Craig, by directions of Congress to this Board, is desired to give in exchange one other prisoner in the room of John Durry, now on board the Roebuck.

A Letter was written to the Committee of Safety of the Lower Counties, requesting they would take measures for sending Lieutenant Ball and the seamen, prisoners at Dover, up to Newcastle, to be delivered to Captain Craig, to be conducted by him on board the Roebuck, in order to be exchanged, agreeable to the Resolves of Congress.