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New-York Committee



Friday, November 10, 1775.

The Committee met. Present: John Broome, Chairman, and thirty-five Members.

.The Sub-Committee appointed to superintend the Election for Deputies to represent the City and County of New-York Provincial Congress for the Colony of New-York, delivered in their Report; which, being read, was unanimously approved of, and is as follows, viz:

Pursuant to an order of the General Committee, we, the subscribers, superintended the Poll taken this day at the City Hall, for the election of Deputies to represent this City and County in the ensuing Provincial Congress; and do hereby certify, that the following twenty-one Gentlemen were chosen by a great majority, viz:

Peter V˙ B. Livingston,
Cornelius Clapper,
Alexander McDougall,
Joseph Hallet,
Thomas Smith,
Abraham Brasher,
Isaac Roosevelt,
James Beekman,
Benjamin Kissam,
John M˙ Scott,
John Van Cortlandt,
Jacobus Van Zandt,
John Morton,
Isaac Sears,
John Ray,
Theodorus Van Wyck,
Anthony Rutgers,
John Imlay,
Gabriel W˙ Ludlow,
Benjamin Helme,
Comfort Sands.


And we do further certify, that the electors, at the same time, did constitute any seven of the forementioned persons to be a quorum.


New-York, November 7, 1775.

Ordered, That the Chairman of this Committee deliver a certified copy of the aforegoing Report to one of the Deputies chosen to represent this City and County in the ensuing Provincial Congress.

Joseph Mount, master of the Sloop Wanton, attending at the door, was called in, and informed this Committee that he was bound to sea in the said Sloop, and applied for leave to take on board Stores and Provisions for a captain, mate, seven seamen, a boy, and one passenger, for eighteen months, agreeable to the following estimation, viz: fifty-six barrels of Beef and Pork, eighteen and a half tierces Bread, eighteen barrels Flour, ten barrels Peas, thirty dozen Poultry, twenty bushels Corn, fifteen small Pigs, ten barrels Potatoes, ten barrels Apples, thirty-five hogsheads Water, one quarter-cask Wine, twenty dozen York Porter, two barrels Rum, and small Stores.

The Committee having taken the said application into consideration, are of opinion, that the request of Joseph Mount is unreasonable; and, therefore,

Resolved, That the said Joseph Mount be not permitted to take on board any more than the following Stores and Provisions, viz: Bread, one thousand and eighty pounds; Beef and Pork, ten barrels; Flour, two barrels; Peas, one barrel; Poultry, four dozen: Corn, six bushels; three Hogs; Potatoes, two barrels; Apples, two barrels; Water, two hogsheads; Wine, six dozen; Porter, six dozen; Rum, one barrel.

Ordered, That Captain Mount apply to Messrs˙ Ray and Bancker, the Sub-Committee appointed to give a permission to Masters of Vessels relative to Stores and Provisions.

Messrs˙ Dennis, Lott, and Burling, the Sub-Committee appointed to inquire into the conduct of Thomas Pratt, relative to his having made some imprudent expressions of his determination to set fire to this City, if Troops should arrive, reported, that they had waited on Mr˙ Jarvis, one of Mr˙ French' s evidences against Mr˙ Pratt, who gave them such information as convinced them that Mr˙ Pratt had no intention wantonly or maliciously to set fire to or destroy the houses or property of any of the Inhabitants of this City.

Thereupon, Ordered, That the complaint of Mr˙ French, against Mr˙ Pratt, be dismissed.