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All persons having Lead, such as window-weights, clock-weights, etc., requested to deliver it up for the use of the publick


Resolved, That the following Recommendation be made publick at the Coffee-House of this City:

In Committee of Safety, May 7, 1776.

There being a very pressing necessity for a large quantity of Lead for the publick use, in the defence now formed for the security of the liberties of this country, it is most earnestly recommended to all the inhabitants of this City and Liberties of Philadelphia, to send in to Robert Towers, Commissary, for this purpose, all such Lead as they may have in use in their families, and about their houses — such as draft-weights, window-weights, and clock-weights; and it is hoped that this requisition will be cheerfully complied with, when every individual considers that he thereby does essential service to his country; and that iron weights may be procured to supply his convenience. The liberal price of six pence per pound will be allowed.

Quarter after five o' clock, P˙ M˙, May 7, 1776.