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Maryland Council of Safety to Captain Nathaniel Ramsay



[No˙ 11.] Annapolis, February 10, 1776.

SIR: We are advised by a letter, which Mr˙ Chase favoured us with from Charlestown, the 2d instant, that you can procure about the quantity of one hundred and forty yards of country cloth at about eight shillings per yard; and linen, (country made,) from two shillings and four pence to two shillings and eight pence, fit and proper for hunting


shirts, sufficient for your company. The cloth we request you will immediately purchase for the use of the Province, unless, from its narrowness, you should think it dearer than broadcloth of equal quality, at fifteen shillings, currency, per yard; and if the linen should exceed oznaburghs in width, so as to reduce the price nearly to that, of two shillings per yard, we would have you buy the linen also, as we presume it is superior to osnaburghs, and as we would give the preference to what is manufactured among ourselves, where we can do it consistently with the relation in which we stand to the publick. The money shall be either transmitted you by the first safe conveyance you may apprize us of, after we are furnished with the amount of those articles, or paid to your order, as shall be most agreeable to you. Colonel Smallwood will direct what shall be done with the cloth and linen, and we think you had better defer making them up for your men, until you hear from him.

We have drawn an order on the Treasurer in favour, of Mr˙ Gassaway, for the sum of thirty pounds currency, as you requested. And are, sir, yours, &c.

To Captain Nathaniel Ramsay.