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Proceedings of the Committee for the County of Balitmore


At a meeting of the Committee, Monday, December 11, 1775:

Present: William Lux, Chairman, John Smith, Thomas Gist, Isaac Grist, William Buchanan, William Wilkinson, Abraham Britton, John E˙ Howard, Benjamin Griffith, William Asquith, James Calhoun, Thomas Sollers, John Boyd.

The following is a copy of a Letter from the Massachusetts-Bay Delegates in Congress to this Committee, on the subject of shipping Flour to the New-England Governments:

"Philadelphia, December 4, 1775.

"SIR: We acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 27th November, wrote by order of your Committee, upon the subject of permits for shipping provisions to New-England. In reply to which, we observe, that the New-England Colonies stand constantly in need of supplies of bread, flour, and corn, from your country, more especially the Colony of the Massachusetts-Bay, where the Continental Army are now fixed. The exportation of the articles


before-mentioned ought to be under a very strict regulation, to prevent any misapplication of what may be intended for our friends there. We submit it to your consideration, whether it would not be advisable to require either a certificate from some Committee of Inspection in those Governments, and, where such certificate cannot be conveniently obtained, and the people applying for such permits are residents of New-England, or of your Colony, to require the shipper, or the master of the vessel in which the provisions are to be exported, to give bond that they shall be landed or delivered to our friends in those Governments, and to oblige the master to make oath, that he will use his best endeavours, that they shall be so landed and delivered.

"We are, with great respect, your most humble servants,


"To Samuel Purviance, Jun."