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Committee to Take into Consideration the Particular State of the Town of Boston


Ordered, That the Letter to New-Hampshire be directed to the Honourable John Wentworth, Esquire.

A Letter from Mr˙ Barber read;

Thereupon, Ordered, That it be committed to Doctor Holten, Mr˙ Sargeant, and Colonel Pomeroy, to consider thereof, and report.

The Committee thereon reported, verbally, that Colonel Thompson be desired immediately to repair to Brunswick, Casco Bay, Woolwich, Georgetown, and other places, and take the most effectual measures to acquaint the people that one Mr˙ Perry is in the eastern part of the country, endeavouring to supply our enemies with Masts, Spars, and Timber, and to make use of all proper and effectual measures to prevent their aiding him in procuring said articles.

Moved, That the propriety of this Congress advising the inhabitants of the Town of Boston to be moved from thence, be now taken into consideration.

After a long debate thereon,

Resolved, That a Committee be appointed to take into consideration the particular state of the Town of Boston, and report.

Accordingly Mr˙ Sargeant, Mr˙ Murray, Colonel Henshaw, Captain Stone, Mr˙ Cross, Major Fuller, of Middleton, Doctor Taylor, and Colonel Prescott, were chosen.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Murray be joined to the Committee on the State of the Province.

Adjourned to ten o' clock to-morrow morning.