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Report on the Petition of Downham Newton


The Committee to whom was referred the Petition of Downham Newton, of the Island of New-Providence, setting forth the distress of the Inhabitants of that Island, and offering if the Congress will permit him to export one hundred barrels of Flour for the said distressed Inhabitants, he will give any reasonable security to bring back such a quantity of Muskets as can be procured for the money arising from the sale of the said Cargo, brought in their Report, which being taken into consideration, was agreed to, as follows:

The Committee to whom the Petition of Downham Newton was referred have had the same under their consideration, and come to the following Resolutions:

Resolved, That the said Downham Newton should be permitted to export on board his vessel, on the terms proposed in his petition, such Provisions of Flour and Pork as he shall think proper.

Resolved; That the said Downham Newton should give bond, with two sufficient sureties, in a penally equal to double the value of the cargo he shall have laden on board his vessel, the condition of which bond shall be, that the said Downham Newton shall, on or before the 15th day of February next, import into the Port of Newbern, in the Colony of North-Carolina, and there deliver to the Commanding Officer of the Continental Troops in that Colony, good Muskets and Bayonets, or Gunpowder, to the full amount of the proceeds of such cargo; and that, on giving such bond, he shall receive from this Congress a permit, to be signed by the President, allowing him to export said cargo.

On motion made, Resolved, That the executing the above business, and taking the bond from Downham Newton, be referred to the Committee who brought in the foregoing Report.