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Letter from the Committee of Kingston to New-York Congress



Kingston, March 4, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: We, the Committee of Safety and Observation of the Town of Kingston, on the 29th day of February last past, wrote a letter to General Schuyler, at the request of Captain Elias Hasbrouck, and therein acquainted the General of the intention and inclination of Captain Hasbrouck to be continued in the service, and also the desire of this Committee to continue him; and the answer this Committee received is enclosed in this letter. And as it is agreeable to the Committee that the Captain should be continued in the service, (and you will see that in the General' s letter there is no mention made of subaltern officers,) we therefore thought fit to raise the company with expedition, at the request of Captain Hasbrouck, and to, recommend these persons, to wit: Moses Yeoman for Second Lieutenant, and Petrus W˙ Meyer for Ensign; and if these persons meet the approbation of the honourable Provincial Congress, we pray that their warrants be sent up immediately. Respecting the First Lieutenant, the Captain proposes to have him recommended from the Committee under whose District he lives.

We respectfully remain your most obedient humble servants.

By order of the Committee:


To the President of the Provincial Congress in the City of New-York.