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The Several Petitions


Friday, February 16, 1776.

Met according to adjournment.

A Petition from the Inhabitants of the City of New Brunswick, praying that they may be admitted as well as Freeholders, to vote for Deputies in Congress, was read, and ordered a second reading.

A Petition of the Committee for the Town of Newark, in the County of Essex, setting forth, that a dispute had arisen between said Committee and the County Committee of Essex, respecting the appropriation of said Township' s part of the ten thousand Pound tax; praying that this Congress would take some order therein, was read, and ordered a second reading.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Carey, Mr˙ Mehelm, and Mr˙ Martin, be a Committee to prepare the draft of an Ordinance directing the manner of signing the General Association by persons of tender consciences; and for further regulating the Militia of this Colony.

Adjourned to two o' clock, in the afternoon.

Met according to adjournment.

The several Petitions from the different Counties in this Province, praying that Householders, &c˙, may be qualified lo vote for Representatives in Congress; the Petition of the County Committee of Monmouth, praying that the Congress would not at present decide upon the qualifications of Electors; and, also, the two Petitions from several of the Inhabitants of the County of Somerset, praying that Freeholders only may elect Deputies for Congress, were all read the second time.

And the Congress, agreeable to the Order of the Bay, taking into consideration the subject-matter of the said several Petitions, and after duly deliberating thereon, the question was put, Whether every person of full age, who hath, immediately preceding the election, resided one whole year in any County of this Colony, and is. worth at least fifty Pounds in real or personal estate, shall be admitted to vote in the County wherein he resides, for Representatives in Provincial Congress, or not? It passed in the affirmative, as follows:

Essex County, Middlesex " Bergen County, Somerset "
Morris " Monmouth "
Hunterdon " Cape-May "
Burlington "  
Gloucester "  
Salem "  
Cumberland "  
Sussex "  

Ordered, That Mr˙ Clark, Mr˙ Ogden, Mr˙ Elmer, Mr˙ Stewart, and Mr˙ Carey, be a Committee to prepare an Ordinance for the above purpose; and, also, to ascertain the qualifications of Representatives to serve in Congress.

The Petition of the Committee for the Township of Newark, in the County of Essex, was read the second time; and the gentlemen attending in behalf of the Committee of the County of Essex, requesting that the hearing


the matter alleged in said Petition may be deferred till Thursday next.

The said hearing was deferred accordingly.

Ordered, That both parties do attend this Congress on Thursday next, at two o' clock in the afternoon, to be heard for and against said Petition.

Adjourned till nine o' clock, tomorrow morning.